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Using Knowledge Management for Better Employee Experience

Using Knowledge Management for Better Employee Experience

According to a McKinsey report, employees spend almost 1.8 hours every day searching and gathering information. And on an average, 9.3 hours per week!  Making sure employees have access to the required knowledge held within the organization, has a huge impact on an employee’s efficiency and productivity.

Today companies struggle with a lot of the same issues regarding data, information and knowledge. Lack of an efficient knowledge management strategy not just affects your employee experience but also hampers productivity. 

In this “free-range” online discussion we have a chat with a panel of Learning and Knowledge Management experts on how knowledge management can support an exceptional employee experience.

Date : Thur, 22nd Oct

Time : 1pm to 2pm Sydney Time

We discuss

  • How can Knowledge Management be incorporated into EX design?
  • What additional skills and capabilities do professionals require to incorporate Knowledge Management?
  • Tools and processes that help enable and support your knowledge management strategy.


Setting the scene – Introduction and research (10 min)
POV – Panellists present their Point of View (10 min)
Case Study – Panellists give their solution to a real or hypothetical case study. (15 mins)
The EX Angle – We examine the impact of Employee Experience and HR/Talent processes and policies. (15 mins)
Open Season – Q&A (10 mins)


Jeevan Joshi EXAssemby

Jeevan Joshi

Digital HR Practitioner & Community Mgr/Founder –EX Assembly

Jeevan has helped organisations such as nbn, Westpac, Fairfax – design, deliver a Learning & HR ecosystem, that is business responsive and user-centric and based on Agile.

Jeevan is the founder of EX Assemebly and LearningCafe.

Ally Atmadja

Ally Atmadja

Founder -We Are Your Friends
EX Assembly Melbourne MeetUp Organiser (Moderator)