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Using Workforce Analytics for Employee Experience Effectiveness

Using Workforce Analytics for Employee Experience Effectiveness

Pundits have identified Employee Experience (EX) as one of the top priorities for HR. A lot of the science and art of EX is based on the Customer Experience (CX) approach, which makes extensive use of data to understand the customer and identify their needs and aspirations.

Workforce/people data has been notoriously siloed (in HRMS, CRM, Intranets, etc.) and are often unreliable and outdated. Is it possible to achieve good Employee Experience when Workforce/people data is not up to scratch?

In this “free-range” online discussion we have a chat with a panel of CX, EX and Analytics experts about the better practices, challenges and opportunities for the use of HR/People Analytics for better EX design and implementation.

Watch the recording to explore how workforce analytics can unlock critical insights into employee data allowing effective personalisation of HR services improving overall productivity and engagement.

We discuss

  • How is robust People/HR data critical to good Employee Experience? What are the dangers of relying on unsatisfactory data?
  • Where and how can Analytics best contribute to EX?
  • Will data privacy and security concerns hinder the use of Workforce Analytics for EX?
  • Can Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning facilitate EX?


Setting the scene – Introduction and research (10 min)
POV – Panellists present their Point of View (10 min)
Case Study – Panellists give their solution to a real or hypothetical case study. (15 mins)
The EX Angle – We examine the impact of Employee Experience and HR/Talent processes and policies. (15 mins)
Open Season – Q&A (10 mins)


Sandhya Krishnan

Leading the Workday HCM Transformation

Sandhya is an experienced Senior Manager and Management Consultant with over eleven years’ of demonstrated achievements in HR Transformation through Technology, Process Optimisation and Behavioural Change. Sandhya has held senior roles in a diverse range of sectors like Healthcare, Insurance and Retail, and Public Service helping business areas and HR functions with financial savings through streamlining processes, selecting and introducing time-saving HR technology, and providing detailed insights towards talent optimisation.

Ally Atmadja

Ally Atmadja

Founder -We Are Your Friends
EX Assembly Melbourne MeetUp Organiser (Moderator)

Rob Wilkins

Leader – Information Management Systems
NSW Department of Education

Rob is a business professional with extensive experience in Learning and Performance, Change Management, Digital Learning, Knowledge and Information Management systems and strategy and Data Analytics and governance. Rob brings his unique perspective as a practitioner, a learner and researcher in corporate learning. His experience has been gained over the last 25 years in the Financial and Professional services industry, across private and public sectors as well as global and domestic organisations.

Robin Boomer

Director, Advisory | Human Resources + Workforce Analytics

Robin is an Advisor for Gartner’s HR Practice in the Asia-Pacific Region. He works with Chief Human Resources Officers, Heads of L&D and Heads of Recruitment as they deliver on critical business objectives through the execution of successful workforce and functional HR strategies