Help us Develop Personas for Worforce Impacted by COVID19

What are you doing and why ?

In an effort to understand the needs of and the challenges that employees and contractors negatively impacted by COVID19, we are conducting interviews and surveys.

Based on the interviews and surveys results, Personas will be developed and shared with with employers, government and policy makers to help them develop targeted and robust HR and recruitement policies and processes for this challenging situation.

The Personas developed will be freely shared with the HR community on the EX Assembly web site as part of our contribution to advocate Employee Experience.

What are Personas

Employee personas are essentially a semi-fictional representation of a group of employees with similar traits, experiences and behaviours. Employee personas are based on the data and insights you have into the individuals that make up your workforce.

Employee personas help you to design experiences around a handful of distinct employee types, making it much more efficient and cost-effective to create personalised experiences that are likely to resonate with employees.

Employee persona looks something as shown below.