EX Meetups

    EX Assembly organizes catch ups for experienced EX practitioners once a month. The discussion focuses on current Learning trends, challenges and opportunities at the workplace.

    Who can attend EX Meetups ?

    Anyone with an interest in EX including practitioners, professionals and enthusiasts are welcome. EX Assembly Meetups have a focus on the practice of EX and is on particular in interested in:

    • Bettering the workplace productivity and engagement for employees
    • Effectiveness of EX to deliver business results
    • Developing capability of the EX
    • Have a bias for putting into practice (as opposed to academic interest), so that we can discuss barriers/ challenges/ realities i.e. the grit of deploying “new learning” or increasing the effectiveness of EX.
    • Interested in unbiased iscussion (not selling products or services) to  maintain the integrity of the discussion.

    What is discussed?

    The discussion mainly focuses around topical themes that help understand trends, challenges and opportunities in EX.

    What are the guidelines?

    • Safe sharing
    • No sales

    How can I join a EX Meetup ?

    Click the link to join up the Meetup

    Is attendance compulsory?

    • The Meetup will be held at a time/ date agreed by the group.
    • You are not expected to attend every Meetup

    Is any preparation required?

    Some research on the topic to share with the group will be appreciated. But really just get your insights and opinions.