Employee Wellness Programs – Can they Perform in the Spotlight?

Uncertainty, rapid change and a clouded future has created an employee wellness crises. Employee Wellness programs (EWP) which were trotting along before COVID, have been asked to sprint by adapting to the health crises and the ramifications of changes to ways of working including increased work from home.

We discuss the current state of affairs of Employee Wellness and the journey ahead in the continuing crises. The panel also shares best practices and lessons learnt.

This EX Assembly “free-range” discussion focuses on the enterprise implications and impact on Employee Experience. We spice up the conversation by asking the panel to respond to a case study featuring a manager responsible for the implementation of Employee Wellness initiatives.

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We discuss

  • The task ahead for Employee Wellness Programs in the face of COVID19. Will the momentum go away with COVID19?
  • Is there a need to demonstrate Return on Investment, and how can it be best done?
  • What is the desired state for Employee Wellness? Are personalisation and scalability easy to achieve? Can technology help ?
  • Is there a danger we over-engineer Employee Wellness and underestimate the resilience of the workforce? 


  1. Setting the scene – Introduction and research (10 min)
  2. POV – Panellists present their Point of View (10 min)
  3. Case Study – Panellists give their solution to a real or hypothetical case study. (15 mins)
  4. The EX Angle – We examine the impact of Employee Experience and HR/Talent processes and policies. (15 mins)
  5. Open Season – Q&A (10 mins)


Rebekka Squire

Engagement & Employee Experience Manager
Allianz Australia

Rebekka is an experienced Organisational Development professional and Organisational Psychologist. Rebekka has held senior roles in a diverse range of sectors (Financial Services, Government, Utilities, Retail, and Non-Profit) delivering a broad spectrum of OD portfolios including Learning, Leadership, Talent, Capability, Engagement and Recognition.

Henry Albrecht


Henry is the CEO of Limeade, an industry-leading SaaS employee engagement company. Before Limeade, Henry served as VP of Product Management at Bocada, an enterprise software company and a product, marketing and business leader at Intuit.

Henry earned his MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management with an emphasis in technology and marketing and his B.A. in economics and literature.

Michael Sainsbury

Employee Wellbeing & Safety Business Partner
Australian Unity

Michael is an innovative and versatile professional, with a journey that spans Work Health and Safety, Capability and Physiotherapy. Michael has successfully managed multiple safety/health & wellbeing initiatives, where he facilitated manual tasks risk management solutions using a consultative approach, across a range of industry settings.

Jeevan Joshi EXAssemby

Jeevan Joshi

EX Assembly

Jeevan has helped organisations such as nbn, Westpac, Fairfax – design, deliver a Learning & HR ecosystem, that is business responsive and user-centric and based on Agile.

Jeevan is the founder of EX Assemebly and LearningCafe.