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Business Simulation Tournament II : Prepare Your Business To Thrive in a Post COVID World!

Business Simulation Tournament II : Prepare Your Business To Thrive in a Post COVID World!


With all the current uncertainty about the future, now is the time to explore how your business can revive, survive, and thrive in a world now preparing to deal with living with COVID-19. Business simulations are a great way to explore future alternative paths and challenge conventional wisdom in a risk-free environment.

Are you and your team clear and focused on what you need to do to thrive in a post COVID-19 world?

If this question resonates with you, you owe it to yourself and your organization to compete in this virtual Business Simulation Tournament.

During the Tournament you will

1. Explore causes of business model disruption and potential transformation opportunities

2. Identify strategies to challenge your current paradigms and biases in decision making

3. Understand the multiplier effect of having an owner’s mindset

4. Appreciate how understanding the big picture allows you to spot “red flags” and anticipate opportunities

Date : Kick-off Monday 24th August, 2020

Time : 4:00 pm to 4:45 pm AEST

Venue : Zoom Virtual Meeting

Organizer:Team-based Strategic Thinking

3 Weeks Duration

2 hrs Commitment each week (at your convenience)

3 Virtual Debrief Session including Master Classes (refer timetable here)

Gala Online Winner Announced Friday 11th September 4 pm AEST

About the Tournament

The Business Simulation Tournament will help leaders and their teams deal with 3 core problems that are occurring due to the uncertain and ambiguous operating environment caused by COVID-19.

1. Acknowledge that traditional ways of thinking are no longer working

2. No matter what level you are at you need to appreciate the big picture

3. Leaders need to find new ways of engaging their teams in solving business problems

For more information click here.

Team Structure

1. The tournament will be limited to just 6 teams with 4-6 participants in each team.

2. The competition will be run over 3 weeks representing 3 simulated years of operation.

3. Participants will need to be able commit approximately 2-3 hrs per week.

4. Most of this time will be spent meeting with your team virtually at a time convenient to you all.

5. You can nominate as an individual or as a team. Places are limited to the first 36 applicants.



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